Friday Night Hip-Hop on Rikers Island


John Surico, a journalist I’m interviewing for my first story visited Rikers Island and wrote this article about a hip-hop class he sat in on.

“Beats, Rhymes, & Justice,” – that’s the name of the weekly 2-hour workshop that teaches young inmates how to write lyrics and  make beats.

“the teenagers receive a certificate of completion to show to their parole officers, and the completed track is played out loud to the inmate-turned-producers’ loved ones at a family event. If and when they get released, they are also invited to Carnegie Hall, where Columbia University has a program for them to continue working on tracks”

That’s one of the many programs introduced by New York City for prisoner rehabilitation.

Through my blog posts, I would be exploring alternatives to incarceration and critiquing the current system in place through articles and interviews. My goal is to spread awareness about the issue while trying to educate myself about it.

Keep an eye out for my following blog posts!


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